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Brookesline: Who We Are

The birth of our daughter, Brooke, inspired the creation of bright, durably appliquéd outfits, panties, bibs and burp cloths. The response from excited stores caused the expansion from in-home production to larger manufacturing capabilities.

Brooke’s Line makes wonderful gifts. These unique layette items are fun to buy, give and receive. Packaging is offered with clear cellophane wrap and tied ribbons, making them ready to give. Brooke’s Line is always the favorite and most unique shower or baby gift received. It also makes a great palatte for monogramming.

Over the years Terri brought all the embroidery back in shop adn has added many new items such as p.j. shorts, t-shirts, baskets, bags, kitchen towels and frames. In 2015 we began selling on Etsy where we boast 5 star ratings. We also embroider on items that local customers bring to us.

We are no longer processing orders through this site, but you can add items to your cart and then call, text or email us for personal service. You are also welcome to visit Brookesline on Etsy and process easily with credit cards and low cost or fee shipping.

We welcome any calls,texts or e-mail with questions or advice on gifts. We are committed to quality service and products. We will assist you in any way possible. We can be reached at:

Brooke's Line

Fax 972-359-8308


If you have any questions about this site or need help with ordering, you can call us at 972-359-2896 or e-mail us.

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